Where should job offerings be posted?

Is there a designated place here for OCaml related job offerings?


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I have previously seen job offerings posted on the OCaml mailing list. I’m not sure about this discussion board, though.

Maybe @avsm can respond.

I’d be in favour if we had some well organized job postings in this forum. By that I mean: no recruiters, only OCaml work, properly tagged, contains all the minimum information.


Maybe a “Jobs” category?

I agree but I also am for strict rules.

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We can create a category for this, which is useful as forum members can use them to subscribe selectively (unlike tags).

However, we could use a volunteer to write the rules for the category for the pinned post in the category index (and I agree with @rgrinberg’s basics (no recruiters, only OCaml work). If someone can do that (and perhaps post it below in this thread), I’ll create the category and assign appropriate rights.

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Okay, here’s an attempt.

Job postings for OCaml programmers are welcome on the OCaml discourse site, with the following provisions:

  1. Postings must be for jobs that primarily involve working with the OCaml language.
  2. Postings must be placed in the “Jobs” category.
  3. Postings by outside recruiters are not permitted under any circumstances. You may only post messages related to jobs at your own firm.
  4. Postings must clearly indicate all relevant details of the position, such as the name of the employer, the exact nature of the work, the location of the job, etc.
  5. Information sufficient to allow a job seeker to decide whether to read the posting (example: “Junior programming job, Foo Corporation, London, UK.”) should be placed in the title of the posting.

Postings that do not conform to the above rules may be removed. Abusive or repeated violations of the rules (such as postings by recruiters) may result in loss of posting privileges.


There is a now a Jobs sub-category available: About the Jobs category

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