List your open OCaml positions on the job board

Job postings for OCaml programmers are welcome on the official OCaml website at OCaml Jobs.

  1. Postings must be for jobs that primarily involve working with the OCaml language and should link to a detailed job description.
  2. Postings by outside recruiters are not permitted under any circumstances. You may only post jobs at your own firm.
  3. It is permitted to have one “spontaneous application” listing per company.
  4. It is permitted to list short-term or project-based work. We ask that you make it obvious by using terms like “Contract”, “Project”, “Freelance”, or similar in the job title.

To add a job listing, edit at main · ocaml/ · GitHub and make a pull request.

Alternatively, for the time being, you can fill in the template and reply to this thread. Here’s an example:

title: Spontaneous Application
  - Remote
  - France
  - United-Kingdom
publication_date: 2021-10-17
company: Tarides

We shamelessly took inspiration from the jobs category description at About the Jobs category. :slight_smile:


Thank you Sabine!

I’ll add to this that the difficulty to find and hire OCaml developers was the second biggest pain point in the 2020 and 2022 surveys on the question: “What do you think are the main pain points that prevent OCaml adoption for new projects?”.

This has been the primary motivation for creating the OCaml job board. However, for now, the job board doesn’t contain a lot of adverts, and this is creating a chicken-and-egg problem: it’s not the best place to find OCaml jobs, so it’s not the best place for companies to post job adverts.

However, if it was kept up-to-date with more adverts, developers would probably find it extremely useful to find OCaml jobs.

The best thing you can do as a company to help with this (and help you advertise for your job posts at the same time!) is to consider sharing your advert on the job board, which as Sabine explained is as simple as sending a PR with a link to the job post on, or replying to this thread, and can even be for a Spontaneous Application post which can remain on the job board permanently.

So this seems like a very low-hanging fruit: by taking a few minutes to share your job adverts, you contribute to solving the second-biggest paint point for the adoption of OCaml in the industry!


Would be nice to add a “task page” for company that just want someone to help them develop something in OCaml,
are ready to pay for it, but do not want to employ someone.

It’s fine to advertise paid projects aimed at contractors or freelancers on the job board. You don’t need to offer full-time or even part-time employment. (I’ll mention that in the guidelines above.)

I would suggest to use “Contract”, “Project”, or “Freelance” in the job title, depending on the exact nature of the work - to make it obvious to people looking for opportunities that it’s not a long-term position.

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Here is an offer for OCamlPro :

title: Jobs at OCamlPro
location: France
publication_date: 2023-02-10
company: OCamlPro

Thanks a lot !


On a related subject, is there a place that gathers developer profiles? If no, will there be one? I’m thinking of something analogous to the job board on the main website or a “Looking for work” category on the forum.
I’m more of a lurker here, but having used SML and Elm, I’d be super excited for an opportunity in Ocaml. Just don’t know how to get visibility without being obnoxious.


We don’t have a developer profiles section where contractors and job seekers can advertise their availability yet.

I think that’s a really interesting idea, though: to showcase people available for hire.

it is way harder to pull off though because you might have a lot of “spammy” listings on such list.

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Considering that every listing currently has to go through a pull request approved by the maintainers, I think that spam is unlikely. Though, it would place the burden on us to decide what is a reasonable listing and what is not. :slight_smile:

Either way, for now I think we could do monthly threads here on the job board for people to announce their availability for OCaml jobs, as job seekers’ availability is often more short term than companies’ recruitment processes.


yes, it’s a good point. There’s a very easy and cheap way to start. You can create a PR/branch and ask people to submit PRs to it before launching it, for a month or so. Over that time you will see whether creating that makes sense, whether there’s spam, and whether there’s engagement. The PR/branch would act as a pre-release list in the meantime.


That’d be great, I’ll be expecting the first monthly thread :slight_smile:

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Jobs can now have multiple locations and will show up for all their locations when filtering. :rocket:

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title: Software Engineer
link: Job Application for Software Engineer at Trilitech
location: London, United Kingdom
publication_date: 2023-02-
company: Trilitech



If you have a version of the logo that looks good on a white background, that would go a long way to make the listing look nicer. :slight_smile: Here’s what it would look like as is, it’s not doing the great logo justice:

Screenshot 2023-02-13 at 11-19-02 OCaml Jobs

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Hey Sabine, I have done a bit of digging and found the below.


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