Available for Hire - Q2+3+4 2023

Here’s a thread to announce your availability as an OCaml developer looking for an OCaml job. :rocket:

Freelancers, contractors and job-seekers, do advertise your services and experience here.

Since the volume on these threads is still fairly low, let’s go with one thread for the rest of 2023 that I will bump every quarter.


I am available.

Here is a sample personal project:



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As a college sophomore, I am seeking OCaml internships and part time jobs.

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I am available (but I live in France). I love writting OCaml and I’m interested into web programming and new challenges :slight_smile:


Also interested in any opportunities working with OCaml:

  • lots of experience writing cross-platform C++ / Python in the robotics space
  • graduate work in PL / compilers with OCaml / Coq at the masters level
  • recently been getting back into writing OCaml by tinkering with adding support to flatbuffers
  • based in nyc

I’m a Software Engineer from Vietnam, who worked mostly in the backend web spectrum, but can do DevOps and frontend stuff if it is needed (Python, Golang, and TypeScript). I have no professional experience with OCaml (yet), but I dipped my toe in by implementing a toy Scheme/Lisp interpreter in OCaml. You can find the project and my resume here:


Time flies, it’s Q3 of 2023. Advertise your services as a freelancer or availability for hire! :camel:

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I am currently living in Uganda and available for internships, contracting, or permanent roles. I have a strong desire to technically grow while adding value to the OCaml community and teams by writing OCaml code.

For a few years, I have contributed to the OCaml open-source community, I have come to appreciate its importance for the language and I desire to continue contributing to it despite the challenging factors.

Attached is my resume:
Simon’s Resume.pdf (55.6 KB)