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hello everyone, I would like to volunteer in Ocaml projects related to application development, or even system development, or any(we can talk about it), as an intern. The main reason to this initiative is to gain knowledge through working with a team willing to provide guidance, I want to promise to contribute my best to the project. I will greatly appreciate that opportunity to grow together in field.

My email is



Hi, @lubegasimon! It’s generous of you to volunteer your time and exciting to have new hands on deck :smiley:

Ocaml’s principle build system, dune is very welcoming of new contributors, and it’s an interesting way to dig in to the ecosystem, since it sits at the crux of almost everything. I am probably the less experienced maintainer of the project, but I’d be very happy to help orient and support your in any way I’m able if you’re interested in the project. We have a set of start issues available, and I’m happy to discuss any details.

You can also browse the Help Needed Page on OCamlverse, which advertises projects seeking help known gaps in the ecosystem.

Let us know if you have questions, or if neither of those resources appeal to you, and we can surely help you find something that will :slight_smile:


I appreciate you replying to my post with helpful statements @shonfeder, I will look through the issues and see if I can attempt to do one.


There are also a couple labels in OCaml compiler itself that might be interesting for you:

Another relatively accessible area of huge importance for OCaml ecosystem is work on ocaml-lsp (Language Server Protocol implementation), you can see their list of issues.


thanks much @XVilka for your response

You have got plenty of good answers/options above. I just want to add that if you are into scientific computing, there are plenty of open projects that we would be very happy to mentor:


thanks @mseri, I will keenly look into it