Ppxlib dev meetings

Hello everyone,

Similarly to what the Eio team is doing, we’re now also making the Ppxlib dev meetings public. Ppxlib’s maintenance is mainly passive, so the meetings are monthly and tend to be small. Still, anyone who’s interested is invited to join!

In general, our meetings are every third Tuesday of the month at 6pm CET (third because three is the smallest prime number right after two :stuck_out_tongue: ). However, we sometimes adapt the time to make sure that both @panglesd and I can join.

This month, the meeting will be the day after tomorrow, i.e. on Thursday, June 22nd at 4pm CET. I’ll post a link to that meeting in this thread on Thursday.

Some things that are on the agenda for this month’s meeting are:

  • Recap of ocaml.5.1.0 support
    - What have been the main pain points for Ppxlib wrt the Parsetree change on value binding constraints?
    - How can we handle those kinds of Parsetree changes better in the future?
  • Upcoming ocaml.5.1.0 feature support
    - What structure do we want for the Ast_builder/Ast_pattern unstable submodules?
    - When are we going to start the creation of the current PPX universe?
    - How we will detect the potential semantic breakages of PPXs after the Parsetree bump.
  • trunk-support
    - Let’s move trunk-support over to main!
    - Possibly: Astlib

If you’d like to discuss anything else, you can answer here on the thread and we’ll add it to the agenda.


Here’s the link to the meeting this afternoon (at 4pm CET): meet.google.com/yxw-ejnu-cju


As a follow-up: It has been @panglesd, @Burnley and me in the meeting today. So nobody “from outside” has joined. Still, we think it’s good that the decision not to participate is taken by each community member, not by us. So we’ll keep the meetings open. You can add the monthly event to your Google calendar, and we will try to send a notification here on discuss each month.

And here are today’s meeting notes: Dev meeting 22 06 2023 · ocaml-ppx/ppxlib Wiki · GitHub


Hello :wave: The ppxlib July dev meeting is tomorrow Tue, July 18th, at 6pm CET. Here’s what’s on our agenda so far:

  • OMP:
    • Do we “stop maintaining it” or do we add OCaml 5.1 support?
  • Ppxlib - OCaml trunk compat:
    • Currently, there’s no compatibility due to an ocaml-compiler-libs build problem. Who’s affected?
  • Ppxlib’s general maintenance:
    • OCaml 5.1 support: The bug fix around generative functor applications is being worked on.
    • We’re not in a hurry to bump the AST this time.
    • A few pending reviews on Ppxlib. What’s the best strategy for reviews / reacting to non-urgent issues now that we’re in “minimal maintenance mode”?
    • Is there anything else that will come up before September?
  • OCaml workshop 2023:
    • Recap on why our talk proposal on Ppxlib has been rejected.
  • Outreachy internship on Ppxlib:
    • How is it going? :heart:

We’re always happy to add things, if anyone is interested in anything else.

Edit: I forgot to add the meeting link. It’s the same as last time: https://meet.google.com/yxw-ejnu-cju


Here are the meeting notes of the July meeting: Dev meeting 18 07 2023 · ocaml-ppx/ppxlib Wiki · GitHub

As a heads-up: There won’t be a meeting in August, so the next one will be in September. Have a nice summer/winter/other season everyone! :slight_smile:


Hello :wave: We’re having the monthly dev meeting today at 6pm CEST. It’s the same meeting link as always: https://meet.google.com/yxw-ejnu-cju and here’s our agenda so far:


Here’re today’s meeting notes: Dev meeting 19 09 2023 · ocaml-ppx/ppxlib Wiki · GitHub. It has been @panglesd , @ceastlund, @Burnley and me in the meeting.

Also, as a side-note: If anyone thinks that two posts about the Ppxlib meetings per month -one with the agenda and the meeting link and one with the link to the notes- is too much spamming, do let me know.