Ppxlib dev meetings

You can find our last meeting’s notes here.

We had three guests yesterday: @shonfeder @lubegasimon and @moazzammoriani.

You are always welcome to join whether you have a specific topic you want to bring up or you just want to tag along. We’ll post the link here ahead of the meeting.


Hi all!

Our next meeting is scheduled on Tuesday May 28th at 6:00PM CET.

I’ll post the google meet link here on the day of the meeting.

In the meantime, here is the meeting agenda so far:

  • 5.2 Release
    • Released during compiler’s beta, went smoothly
  • 5.3 trunk support
    • Reused the work from @hhugo and adapted it
    • We have an open PR with 5.3 support that needs review
    • External contributors already started adding support for new features:
      @nojb added support for the effects patterns and an internal change to location reports
    • How to maintain trunk support on our main branch
  • ppx_deriving and ppx_deriving_yojson ppxlib ports
    • PRs open for the release of both
    • A few bug fixes were required but it should be good to go now
  • 5.2 internal AST bump
    • Now that the 5.2 support has been released, we can discuss the plan for this
  • Unused code/type/module warnings countermeasures
    • We have code to generate attributes or actual AST nodes that are only here to silence warnings
    • They are emitted unconditionally whereas it’s pretty clear that should not be the case
    • Some of them mess with code coverage tools such as bisect_ppx

If you’d like to bring something else up please answer in this thread so we can add it to the agenda.

You are also welcome to attend the meeting, whether you have something to bring to our attention, would like to contribute to the project or are just interested in ppxlib and ppx in general.

Here’s the link to join the meeting: https://meet.google.com/yxw-ejnu-cju

Edit: added new agenda item regarding unused code warning silencing, added meeting link


The meeting notes are now available from the last meeting.

Thanks to everyone who attended the meeting. The next meeting is set for 2024-06-18T16:00:00Z, if that changes we’ll post to this thread. Hope to see you there!


This month’s meeting is scheduled today, Tuesday June 18th, at 6:00PM CET.

Sorry for posting the announcement so late!

Here is the meeting agenda:

  • 5.2 AST bump
  • Driver Transform refactoring
  • 5.3 support
    • Added a trunk CI build, we should be able to consider merging
    • Still need documentation for releases
  • Driver anti-warning 34 code gen
    • Still haven’t heard from Janestreet, we need their feedback before moving forward with this
  • Ocamlfind support
    • There seem to be a bug when a ppxlib based ppx is invoked directly using ocamlfind -package
    • Is this something we want to actively maintain
  • Dune w/ ppx
    • Nathan got back to it, hopefully it should be ready soon
  • Repo hygiene: issue triage
    • We have a lot of issues, most of which are extremely old
    • A lot of issues are actually questions on how to use ppxlib for ppx authors
    • It’s worth having a go at closing the irrelevant issues and have some classification system for the rest

The meeting will be hosted on google meet here: https://meet.google.com/yxw-ejnu-cju

You are welcome to join!


Meeting notes are available here: Dev Meeting 2024 06 18 · ocaml-ppx/ppxlib Wiki · GitHub.

Thanks to everyone who attended!

Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday July 16th, 6:00PM CET!

Due to some clashes this month’s ppxlib dev meeting will be taking place next week on 2024-07-23T16:00:00Z and not today. Apologies for any inconveniences. We will post the agenda here before the meeting.