[ANN] ppxlib - Jane Street ppx infrastructure now on github

We, Jane Street ppx developers, are glad to announce the public availability
of the ppxlib project. This project is the merge of several ppx-related
repositories, including ppx_core, ppx_driver, ppx_metaquot,
and ppx_type_conv. As such, ppxlib contains all the core elements one
needs to develop ppx rewriters.

While this is not the first project released as open source by Jane Street,
this one is slightly different as the whole development now happens on
github. In particular, we are using a PR-based workflow and will gladly add
external contributors to the project (see details). We are moving to this
workflow with the hope that it will make the collaboration with other
open source projects easier.

The project is currently released as 0.2.0 in opam. We are planning to
make some changes before the 1.0 release, most notably adding support
for view patterns and improving the documentation.

Contributions are warmly welcome!


Very nice! Is there a good place to view the latest version of the generated documentation online, or do I need to build the library to view it?

I just tried to push the generated documentation, it should appear at https://ocaml-ppx.github.io/ppxlib/ but for some reason it doesn’t seem to be working.

I see it when I go to that URL, at least now. Thank you for building and pushing that!

One comment: this seems to be the standard ocamldoc style output, without much in the way of introductory material and the rest, which makes it pretty hard for a beginner to make heads or tails of what they’re reading.

I’m very interested in doing some PPX work, but I’ve found it quite confusing working with the panoply of libraries and tools. Better documentation will be a big help here! See the long discussion here: OCaml Documentation Open Thread for some discussion of OCaml documentation.

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Folks, Can you help me to implement a kind of optional arguments using ppxlib?