Welcoming a new `ppxlib` maintainer

Hello everyone :wave: Some very good news for ppxlib: @NathanReb will join us back as a maintainer! His maintenance work will partly be funded by the OCaml Software Foundation.

We, the current maintainers, haven’t had much time for ppxlib lately as we’re pretty tied up with our other projects as well. However, ppxlib is an important project: It’s a (transitive) dependency of about half of the opam ecosystem, so it should receive a good amount of maintenance attention. So it’s very reassuring to have a new maintainer with us and it’s super super nice that it’s @NathanReb, since we know that we enjoy working together and that he’ll be a very active, thoughtful, and pragmatic maintainer.

We’ve already discussed what would currently be the most appreciated to work on, and, together with typical general maintenance, it will be to upstream Astlib to the compiler. Thanks to past work already done, upstreaming Astlib is a technically straightforward plan. Among others, it would make ppxlib continuously coinstallable with OCaml trunk, and it would considerably simplify ppxlib maintenance. We know that it’s often confused with a different and a lot more complex plan from the past that we’ve abandoned. We’ll communicate well about this.

@NathanReb will also help during the next compiler release phase when we bump the ppxlib-exposed parsetree to match the new compiler version. When we do so, as always, we’ll break a few PPXs, and we’ll make sure to patch those.

All that being said, we, the current maintainers, will keep on maintaining ppxlib as well. We’ve done that as part of our job at Tarides for a while now and we know it’s important for the community and enjoy doing so. It will be nice to maintain ppxlib in collaboration with people from within Tarides and from outside Tarides, similarly as it is the case for other OCaml Platform tools.

Welcome back, Nathan, and thanks a lot! :slight_smile:
@panglesd and @pitag


Great news, thanks to you three for your work :slight_smile: