[ANN] First public editor tooling dev-meeting

We are organizing the first public dev-meeting about Merlin, OCaml-LSP and more
generally editor support for OCaml. This meeting will take place on Thursday, June 27th,
at 05:00 pm CEST. We plan to have these happen every last Thursday of the month.

The goal of these meetings is to provide a place for all contributors of these
projects to discuss their work together. Whether you are a long time maintainer,
an occasional contributor, a new comer, or simply a curious passer-by, please
feel free to join and participate!

We also plan to have some short technical presentations to help contributors
learn more about the projects involved. These won’t be systematic, and
if you are interested in a particular subject feel free to ask about it or to
propose a presentation.

The agenda for this first meeting, which will be focused on the burning topic of
project-wide occurrences, is the following:

  • A tour-de-table to allow the participants that wish to do so to present
    themselves and mention issues / prs they are interested in.
  • A presentation of current on-going projects.
  • A focus on project-wide occurrences: how does it work, what are the tools that
    need to interact together and what are its current limitations and possible future improvements.
  • Discuss issues and pull requests that were tagged in advance or mentioned
    during the tour-de-table.
  • Informal discussion

We looking forward to meeting you!

Meeting link: https://meet.google.com/imo-mkxi-hpt


Btw, I want to draw attention here to @vds’s innovative format for the dev-meetings! For those who have skimmed over it and haven’t noticed: The meeting is really targeted towards people who’re interested and excited about editor support development going on in OCaml, no matter whether you’ve ever actively contributed or not. Tomorrow (in the first of those meetings), @vds is going to demo and answer questions around the shiny new project-wide occurrences feature he’s just released :heart:


Just FYI, I tried joining this yesterday a little after 6pm EST and I got stuck in a room waiting to be invited. Hope it went well, regardless!


I am very sorry to hear that. Maybe I missed the popup because I was presenting in full screen ?
I will double-check the permissions for next time, we don’t really need screening new joiners.


Would it be possible to alternate the times for this meeting in future?
5pm CEST overlaps poorly with my timezone AEST

Looking forward to participating in the next one. I have been looking at DAP, which is equivalent to LSP but for debuggers, and working on the LLDB/GDB support for OCaml. I wrote up some brief notes for Emacs on my blog. If there is interest I could demo the current state of OCaml debugging experience.


Thanks for this, It sounds like a great opportunity for anyone interested in editor support development in OCaml, whether you’re actively contributing or simply curious.


Hi @lambda_foo, that’s an interesting suggestion. Since we already have talks planned for the next meeting we will keep the same time for this one. And we will take that opportunity to discuss whether we should alternate :slight_smile: