is down, use for now

Since yesterday, is timing out. I was not yet able to understand the reason of the problem. I have taken down the forge and related websites for now.

Given the deprecation of the forge and this latest problem, I will just migrate everything to as soon as possible.

Migration to forge-static has already been done for OPAM, there should be no major problem for OPAM for now.

I’ll update this thread when I will have made some progress on the migration.

Thanks for your understanding.

It looks like a web crawler doesn’t respect the file robots.txt and is fetching ALL the commits and diffs of all the git repositories. It makes the website unresponsive.

I have restricted the access to the forge to my single IP address for now. I need to migrate the forge to the forge-static version.

The forge is back online. I have disabled and other VCS related hosts.