Official shutdown date of is 2020-10-18

The website will be shut down on 2020-10-18 12:00 UTC+2. I took the last official snapshot of the website 1 month ago. I have prepared dumps for all of the projects and can make them available to the admin of the projects. The dumps contain all the changes since the last snapshot (2020-09-15). Any changes in between the last snapshot and the shutdown, will be discarded.

This is the final step of the official announcement deprecation from 20171. I have ensured that the activity of the website has dropped to almost zero since then. Most of the projects are now hosted elsewhere. The search engine data indicate that the traffic has dropped significantly enough since I have asked to de-index the whole website.

The design of the static website is inspired by the one for

What are the actions members can do now?

WARNING: Some web browsers like Chrome will claim that the temporary site name is misleading and too close to and it is a potential phishing attempt, but this should be safe.

Here are the actions you can take now:

  • Project admins can get back the dump of project data (see the FAQ)

  • Project admins can send PR to indicate the new project homepage (see the FAQ)

  • Members can send PR to indicate their new homepage (see the the FAQ)

The whole process is still a bit undefined, because I need proof that the people sending PR were admins of the project. I still need to figure out a good way to get these proofs, so I will experiment a bit at the beginning (see the FAQ for the current state).

You can already check what the website will look like on

What will happen next?

2020-10-11 -> 2020-10-18:

  • Members can still browse the website and recover what will not be part of the project dump.

Any changes to the website made during this time, will be discarded.


  • I will archive a whole copy of the website VM (encrypted)

  • will become a static website only containing “anonymous” data (see prototype)

  • All file downloads will use (this is already the case)

  • All mailing lists will be shut down

  • Source control will not be accessible anymore (this is already the case)

  • All domains * will point to the matching project page or to the FAQ.


  • Last time for admins to get back the dump of project data (see the FAQ)

  • Last time for members and admins to update their page on the static website

  • I will destroy the copy of the website VM

Past this point, I will still have the dumps of the project data and will still accept PR for the Github repository, but this will be a “best effort” SLO.


I understand your reasoning, but it’s a darned shame to see an independent code-hosting website go. Thanks for all you’ve done! :star2: