Opam packages still sourced from ocamlforge

I was talking to @antron about the fact that a bunch of packages still seem to have pages on ocamlforge even though they’re really maintained elsewhere and ocamlforge is seemingly deprecated. This has the bad effect of making those packages also seem dead. (For example, if you google for batteries, you get the ocamlforge page earlier than the github page.)

On the same general topic, I did a quick bit of shell over the OPAM repository and found 51 packages whose latest version is still seemingly hosted on ocamlforge. I’m posting it here in case it is of interest. Perhaps some community effort could help owners of packages that are still used for significant things to move to github or some other service. (For example, I believe Coq depends on labltk, which is on this list.)

Note that for some of these (like batteries, the only thing being pointed to is a home page, though that does still given the false appearance of a dead project because the home page is frozen in time.)


Thanks, @perry. Here’s how we are proposing to deal with it for Batteries, which, luckily, is already headed towards getting off forge:

I think some of them might be available as a github archive from their tags (oasis, pgocaml, safepass, ounit, …). Someone just need to make a PR to opam-repository to update them. I’ll be happy to merge such PR.