Opam.ocaml.org is currently down; is that where indices are kept still?

I just now tried to update my opam package list, but it failed with an error in curl. After looking around a bit I found that opam.ocaml.org is down. Normally I would just wait patiently until it comes back up, but I’ve been working with a single historic version of OCaml for a few years, and so I’m worried that my opam might be seriously out of date and looking in the wrong place for the latest index.

If anybody can put my mind at ease that would be appreciated. Otherwise I’ll just try waiting patiently.


The opam index indeed seems to be down right now. If you need access to the opam repository while the index is down you could temporarily point opam to the opam-repository GitHub repo: opam repository set-url default git+https://github.com/ocaml/opam-repository


Thanks, this is reassuring.

This is being looked into urgently (sorry that there’s not more news than that right now)

It’s back up! A combination of factors, although the principal cause was a regression in Caddy 2.6.


Yes, I got the new index. Thanks very much.