Discussions on the future of the opam repository

The default opam repository has been getting larger and larger with an ever increasing number of packages. This is somewhat of a good sign for the active community of OCaml developers. But it is also a challenge for its use, for its maintenance, and for the execution of its CI.

A discussion on the future of the opam repository is happening and we (the opam repository maintainers) would like to invite OCaml developers at large to participate.

You can read the dedicated github issue Requests for comments: how does opam-repository scale? and share opinions there.

You can also join the public meeting held Wednesday 2024-01-24 at 14:00 GMT on Jitsi Meet.

Please do prefer the issue (rather than this thread) to discuss the issue (to keep the discussion in a central location).


Hello :slight_smile: Thanks, @raphael-proust, for that initiative! IMO it’s an important discussion to have and it’s very nice that you’re making it public.

I won’t be able to make it to the meeting on Wednesday, and I’m also not sure how much I’d contribute, I’m mostly just interested in the discussion. Are you going to put a quick summary either here or on the issue? (no pressure, I know you all already have a lot of work anyways)

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Just so it’s clear, I didn’t take this initiative, I’ve just ended up being the one of several maintainers who posted the message. I won’t tag the people who have been actively participating in this conversation nor the ones who have organised the public meeting because I want to spare them the notifications. The github issue has some names if anyone is interested.

As for the summary, yes, we intend to keep notes and make it known what options have been mentioned and pros-and-cons have been listed and, if any, what consensus has been reached. I’ll post a link to the notes on here.


Along with other volunteers, we have taken notes during the meeting. They are available on the github issue.


  • There was a general consensus to create an “archive” repository where we can move broken, unmaintained, obsolete packages (specific characterisation still to be defined)
  • There is another meeting planned on 2024-02-07 to discuss the specifics further

If this topic is important to you:
Please leave comments on the github thread. Please attend the meeting.


What time is the meeting tomorrow and how to join virtually?

The meeting will be happening tomorrow (Wednesday 2024-02-07) at 14:00 GMT on Jitsi Meet (the same virtual place as before).

The notes from the previous meeting are available here, sorry for the delay.

The next meeting will be tomorrow (Wednesday 2024-02-21) same time and place as previously:

The notes for last week’s meeting are available here

For everyone who wants to come to the next meeting, please fill the framadate as soon as you know when you are available, so that we can plan when the meeting is going to be.

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The next public meeting is planned for Monday the 4th of March at 14:00 GMT (15:00 CET) on Jitsi