Call for new opam-repository maintainers

Come and help maintenance of the opam-repository!

opam-repository is the official store of package descriptions for the OCaml ecosystem. It allows everyone to easily install whatever dependency their project might need. It also allows everyone, by just opening a PR, to easily make their code available to the community at large.

The repository is maintained by a handful of people who work together to ensure that the packages are up-to-date, high-quality, and their metadata are consistent. We are looking for new contributors to help us maintain the repository and keep it running smoothly.

You don’t need to be an expert in OCaml or opam to get involved – all you need is a willingness to learn and a desire to contribute (and a github account :sweat_smile:). As a new maintainer, you’ll start with triaging access, which means you’ll be able to review and approve changes to the repository. After a few weeks of successful triaging, you can decide to stick around and you’ll be granted full access.

Let us know if you have any questions or if you want to try it out!

Kate, Marcello, Raphaël


Hi, I’d love to get involved. What should I do to be part of this?

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Hi, I’d love to be a contributor in OCaml or opam ecosystem. I’m not an expert but have willingness to learn.

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Heyy! I love hearing the call for maintainers.
I haven’t done much in OCaml outside of college and some exercisms.
As a maintainer for other OSS projects, I would love to help. Still, I wanted more information about the triage process, if any, for example in one of the repos that I work on, there is a whole doc for how to handle/review changes and issues (link).

Is there a plan for that in opam? So that these new maintainers that will come may know which label to add to the PRs and issues.

Also, I doubt that I had while learning about opam and opam-repository. Why are there two repositories?

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I would love to help! How should I join?

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I would love to join as well. Let me know how can I help. Can you give us a list of tasks which we will have to perform?

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Glad to contribute couples of hours per week if that helps.

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Thanks for the enthusiastic replies!
We’re contacting you all by DM to arrange a group video meeting.

There is already some documentation:

The opam repository is the repository for the source code of the opam software. It contains mostly OCaml source code.
The opam-repository repository is the repository for OCaml packages. It contains files describing packages, in a format that the opam software can use.

The two are kept separate because they are different concerns and it would be tedious to mix issues, PRs, etc.

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Still looking for contributors?

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A bit late but I am also interested in helping.

If you’re still looking, would be interested in becoming a contributor

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