Uucd,Uucp,Uunf and Uuseg for Unicode 11.0.0


Unicode 11.0.0 was released yesterday. It adds 684 new characters to the standard including the COPYLEFT SYMBOL (U+1F12F) character. See here for details about the additions.

Accordingly the libraries mentioned at the end of this message had to be updated, consult the individual release notes for details. Both Uucd and Uucp are incompatible releases sinces new script and block enumerants had to be added.

If Unicode still puzzles you, have a look at Uucp’s absolute minimal Unicode introduction and a few biased tips to handle Unicode in OCaml.

Best and happy copylefting,


Uucd 11.0.0 Unicode character database decoder for OCaml.


Uucp 11.0.0 Unicode character properties for OCaml.


Uunf 11.0.0 Unicode text normalization for OCaml.


Uuseg 11.0.0 Unicode text segmentation for OCaml.



Thank you, @dbuenzli! Having good Unicode support for OCaml is important, and your work is appreciated!

Yep! Many thanks! Uucd is a build dependency for my Orsetto project. I’m very glad for your hard work maintaining these libraries.

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