[ANN] {Uucd,Uucp,Uunf,Uuseg} for Unicode 10.0.0


Unicode 10.0.0 was released yesterday. It adds 8518 new characters to the standard including the essential DUMPLING (U+1F95F) character. See here for more details about all the additions.

Accordingly the libraries mentioned at the end of this message had to be updated, consult the individual release notes for details. These libraries explicitly support a particular version of the standard, hence their versioning scheme has been changed so that the major version number matches the major version of the Unicode version they support.

A few remarks about the releases:

  1. Both Uucd and Uucp are incompatible releases since new script and block enumerants had to be added.

  2. Both Uuseg and Uunf are compatible releases with updated data to support the new characters.

  3. Uucp now provides a new cli tool ucharinfo which allows you to query character information (e.g. name, escaped UTF-8 byte sequence, etc.) from the cli, see ucharinfo --help for more information.

  4. Users of Uunf are urged to upgrade to the latest version since to my dismay the amazing fuzzer Stephen Dolan found via crowbar bugs in my (previously terribly imperative) implementation of the canonical composition algorithm – this may have affected users of normal forms NFC, NFKC.

If Unicode still puzzles you, remember that Uucp’s documentation has an absolute minimal Unicode introduction and a few biased tips to handle Unicode in OCaml.

Best & happy 饺子,


Uucd 10.0.0 Unicode character database decoder for OCaml.


Uucp 10.0.0 Unicode character properties for OCaml.


Uunf 10.0.0 Unicode text normalization for OCaml.


Uuseg 10.0.0 Unicode text segmentation for OCaml.