[ANN] Unicode 15.0.0 update for Uucd, Uucp, Uunf and Uuseg


Unicode 15.0.0 was released on the 13th of september. It adds 4489 new characters to the standard.

Given the increasing contributions from the South Asian subcontinent to OCaml we are glad this includes support for the 42 (sic) characters of the Nag Mundari script. For information about the other additions, see the announcement page.

Accordingly the libraries mentioned at the end of this message had to be updated. Consult the individual release notes for details. Both Uucd and Uucp are incompatible releases sinces new script and block enumerants had to be added.

Note that starting from Unicode 16.0.0 – that is in a year – these libraries will be changed to use the UTF decoders of the standard library rather than rely on Uutf. They will thus only be available for OCaml >= 4.14.

The OCaml tips of the minimal Unicode introduction, which you should read if Unicode still puzzles you, have been updated to mention the new standard library UTF decoders.

Also, the ucharinfo tool distributed with uucp[1] can now lookup characters by matching substrings in their Unicode name or name aliases.



A big thanks for funding from the OCaml Software Foundation and from my faithful donators.

  1. It’s a depopt you’ll need opam install cmdliner uutf uunf uucp to install it. ↩︎


Thank you for all of the hard work you do with unicode, @dbuenzli