Tag suggestions

Could we add tags for all the major pieces of each category? I think adding tags to the about topic of each category could provide a convenient overview of which piece fits in which category. E.g., “About Web Development” could be tagged with “ocsigen”, “jsoo”, “bucklescript”, “reason”, “opium”, “eliom”, “webmachine”, “cohttp” etc., which would then show up below the topic title in the topic list.

Sounds good – I’ve been editing a few posts to add tags. Can anyone tag posts or is it only moderators? (am still figuring out the access controls).

I can only tag my own posts with pre-existing tags

It looks like creating tags was restricted to users with ‘trust level 3’ or higher. I’ve reduced that to ‘trust level 1’, which lets users who have been active for > 24 hours to create tags. Lowering it anymore is probably unwise from a spam management perspective.

If any newly registered users need a trust level boost, then @gasche or I can promote your account from the admin panel…

Also, I’ve confirmed you are trust level 1, so go ahead and try to tag!

Confirmed, I can now create tags too. Also noticed there’s a limit of 5 tags per topic, but that’s probably not a terrible idea.

Yeah, it can be increased from the admin panel, but let’s keep it under control for the time being and leave it at 5…

Suggested tag: “wishlist” or “wish” or equivalent.

Now that we have a system that supports likes, we could use it measure the popularity of proposals among folks who don’t want or don’t have time to enter debates.

One of the things I’ve been wanting is a general wishlist for anything related to OCaml. One way could be to create a category where each or almost each post expresses the desire for a new tool/feature/thing. Another way could be to tag such posts as “wishlist”. We could then view all posts with this tag as one list, and people could just like whatever they, um, like. The latter is probably better; just I don’t seem to have access to tags yet.