Which filters would you like to see on the OCaml blog at OCaml.org?

Dear OCaml users,

I am currently working with the OCaml.org maintainers on improving the blog section of the OCaml.org website. Specifically, I am adding filters that enable you to quickly find relevant articles from the OCaml community.

To make this feature truly useful, it is essential that we add relevant and useful tags to the blog posts. I would like to hear your feedback on which specific tags you would like to see.

Your opinion is very important to us. Here are some ideas for possible tags/filters:

  • By authors
  • Industry vs Personal blog / kind of blog source
  • relating to libraries and packages

Feel free to add your own tag suggestions or comment on those that have already been proposed. Which filters are most important to you?
Your feedback will help us improve the search experience and make ocaml.org more user-friendly for everyone.

Thank you in advance for your participation and contribution!


Way above any hard-wired filters in importance I think is making sure the links work:

  • Release of Frama-C 27.0 (Cobalt)
  • Specifying Functions: Two Styles

Both of those are broken. The first seems badly formatted, the second is just missing.

But - if you want some tags to label entries then I think the following cover most items for the last year.

  • podcast
  • release news
  • web
  • conferences
  • people
  • language
  • libraries
  • jobs

Thanks! The mentioned links are fixed. Looks like we need to Check that the links are valid during RSS Feed scraping · Issue #1332 · ocaml/ocaml.org · GitHub and deal better with inaccuracies in the source feeds.

Indeed, we’re interested in what tags people would like to filter by.

Tagging all the posts as they come in is a bit of effort, but if it helps people discover interesting and relevant content, it makes sense to do it. :slight_smile:

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I feel like there would be a nice symmetry if the existing list of this forum (Discourse) tags were reused in the blog. The list is available here: OCaml

There are a lot of tags, because they can be created by users here, so maybe it would be good to use the top N tags, where N = 10/20/some reasonable number.


Looking at the tags on the forums posts here to get ideas makes sense as well. I didn’t know there was a list, thanks @yawaramin!

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