New category ideas for this forum! (ReasonML and Announcements)

Hello! First time post here. Glad to see this forum is nice and fresh!

Was disucssing with @hcarty briefly in the ReasonML Discord about having an Announcements category. As a ReasonML lurker, trying to keep up with news is a kind of difficult in Discord. If we could have an Announcements category, and tag appropriately, it’d be great! Perhaps it opens the possibility of chat bots aggregating info, too…

Also, it’d be wonderful to have a ReasonML category here as well.

Question: Are only admins able to create new tags?

There is a Reason sub-category under Web category.

You can create a tag after you gain basic user trust level if I recall correctly.

There also is the announce tag for this matter.

(It’s still unclear to me what the difference between tags and (sub)categories is.)

I think users with a high “trust level” are able to as well, so older hands on the forum should be able to. However, anyone who appears to be non-robotic can be bumped to a higher trust level on request :slight_smile:

What chat bots did you have in mind? I’ve not seen much Discourse/chat integration yet…