down? links to, which is down (confirmed by various ‘is it down just for me’ sites I found on google)
The old ML archives at still work though.

--2022-09-25 23:44:10--
Resolving (, 2001:4802:7803:104:be76:4eff:fe20:1e13
Connecting to (||:443...

@nojb you’re the one who announced back in 2018. Do you know who is administering it?

Anil (@avsm) was, at the time. I pinged a few people now when I noticed it wasn’t working, but haven’t heard anything back yet.


Thanks for the ping, I’m taking a look at this now. I’ve been migrating a bunch of machines off Rackspace (our ancient provider from 2009-2017) and onto Scaleway (who have generously given us a number of hosting credits that’ll last into 2025).

2 Likes is nxdomain now

FYI, I discovered recently that someone had mirrored the old before it went down: caml-list - the Caml user's mailing list. Enjoy!


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