[ANN] New caml-list mirror - https://inbox.ocaml.org/caml-list

Dear all,

I am happy to announce a new caml-list mirror, accessible at:


Some advantages with respect to the official archive (sympa):

  • threads are not broken at month boundaries;
  • powerful search;
  • more usable interface (in my opinion);
  • it is easy to get a copy of the full archive: git clone --mirror https://inbox.ocaml.org/caml-list.

The new mirror is powered by https://public-inbox.org/, where you can go to learn more about it.

If you run into trouble or have any comments at all, do not hesitate to get in touch.


Happy reading,


This is nice. Thanks for doing this. :slight_smile:

“A good case to test Mr. MIME” :wink: Thanks for your work.

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This will be tremendously useful. Thanks for your work!

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  1. https://inbox.ocaml.org/ returns 404 (have to manually type /caml-list in url to get some contents)
  2. would be nice to have inbox link in caml-list emails footer if possible

@nojb, it would indeed be really cool if you could set up a redirect from the root URL to the “correct” one. I only just noticed that myself. Also, it would be nice if the top of the page gave a link to how to subscribe to the mailing list. BTW, thank you so much for having set this up, it’s very useful.

Hi @ygrek, thanks for the interest!

  1. This is now fixed; I’ve put a redirection in place.
  2. This would have to be done by the people in charge of caml-list; not sure who they are nor if they would be inclined to do so. Maybe @gasche knows?

I think that is a reasonable change. @damiendoligez would be the one to ask, so I will ask him if I don’t forget in the next ten days – ping me again if I did.

I looked very briefly at this, but could not figure out how to put a link at the top of the page, sorry. :frowning:

@nojb thanks
@gasche pinging again as requested :slight_smile:

Thanks for the ping! Xavier did it, and we also included a link to discuss.

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