How to fix the conf-adwaita-icon-theme package for MacPorts?

The conf-adwaita-icon-theme package has a slightly contrived issue on MacPorts:

  • Macports adwaita-icon-theme depends on Macports glib2
  • Macports has a X11 and a quartz variant of glib2
  • X11 is the default, but quartz (MacOS native GUI toolkit) is usually what one wants
  • if Macports adwaita-icon-theme is installed, it installs glib2 + x11 as dependency
  • The opam “conf-gtk3” package installs on Macports “gtk3 +quartz”
  • Macports gtk3 also depends on glib2 and the +x11/+quartz variant must be the same, otherwise installation fails
  • Opam sorts MacPorts depext packages by name on the command line of MacPorts
  • adwaita-icon-theme is always installed before an explicit gtk3 +quartz or glib2 +quartz

=> there is no way (I see) to work around this in opam
=> one cannot make opam pakages which depend on gtk3 and adwaita icon theme at the same time (a common requirement)
=> the only work around I see is to install conf-gtk3 separately beforehand (not as a dependency)

One can argue that this is an issue with MacPorts conf-adwaita-icon-theme, but I would call myself a sesoned opam wrangler and never before encountered a situation I could not work around with opam, so this is IMHO also a flexivility issue in opam.

Does someone see a way out of this (other then doing a manual opam install conf-gtk3 before I install anything else?

P.S.: I already had discussions with the MacPorts team on the adwaita icon theme package a longer while ago, which is extremely bloated and responsible for I guess more than half of the MacPorts dependencies in a Coq Platform extended build (which is a huge thing). I don’t expect it to be fixed soon.