Lablgtk3 on macOS with quartz gtk3 underneath

Since opam can trigger rebuild of macports package, my gtk3 ports has been rebuilt using quartz rather than X11. Good thing, powerful feature of opam.
Unfortunately, I’m getting an all grey top-level window, I mean initialization of the gtk3 widgets does not happen correctly. Here’s a screenshot:

By clicking approximatively on the location of a drop down menu, it does appear, but the rest of the widgets are still grey/inactive/uninitialized.

Another picture: the look of the same app using gtk2 and X11 still on macOS:

I’ve uploaded the “main” .ml file on the following URL:

What is wrong with my app, my initialization? Many thanks in advance!

Getting ‘Forbidden’ on that link.

Sorry to not offer any help on gtk3, but the app looks cool! Room equalization in OCaml! Is this FOSS?

Oops sorry, just fixed the permission! Thanks for the information, yawaramin.

For n4323: Héhé, not yet FOSS, cause I’ve got a pretty big change to do, but will probably be foss in the future, once core functionalities will be rolling fine.
The graph plot is using plplot, itself using ocaml-cairo2 and plcairo, with just some color change relative to the defaults, it looks really good.
This is the filter computation part, the convolution is done in C using jack audio connection kit.


Do you think I would get some help if I’ld publish it even with 2 pretty big changes (Hilbert transform computation and low-frequency very accurate EQ, amplitude and phase). Sometimes I ask myself.


Oops sorry, just fixed the permission!
Thanks for the information.

I’ve compiled the “examples” directory of the git lablgtk3 repos. and it’s even worse than my app: even a top-level window does not shows up with all those examples. The examples execute and terminate without showing anything, even not an error message on the console. I’ve compiled using:

for i in *.ml; do ocamlfind c -thread -o “$” -package lablgtk3 -linkpkg; done
for i in *.ml; do ocamlfind opt -thread -o “$i.opt” -package lablgtk3 -linkpkg; done


I think the quartz version may be the problem, have a look here: lablgtk (2&3) are not working on macOS 11 (BigSur) · Issue #120 · garrigue/lablgtk · GitHub (maybe they can give you more specific help if you mention your issue also there)

Thanks for the tip, I’ve opened issue #136 on lablgtk GitHub.

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n4323, drop me an email on phil AT gnou DOT ch, we’ll talk about RoomEQ and FOSS or not FOSS.