Follow the ML and OCaml workshops online, September 8th and 9th on Seattle time

Dear all,

This is a reminder that the OCaml Workshop 2023 will happen on Saturday 9th, in two days from now, and that you can attend online – it is completely free, as it should be.

On Friday 8th, the ML Workshop will take place. The ML workshop (ML is the name of the family of languages derived from the original ML language by Robin Milner) is a bit more research-oriented and about many different programming languages, and of course there are OCaml talks there, and non-OCaml talks that would be of interest among many.

How to attend

To follow either workshops:

The program is given in terms of the Seattle timezone, and goes from about 9:00 in the morning to 18:00 in the afternoon. I’m in Europe myself, and this means that a large part of the event will take place in the evening and night (starting from 18:00 in the afternoon local time until 03:00 in the morning). I won’t get to see everything live, but recordings of most talks will be made available online later.

OCaml talks

The list of talks accepted at the OCaml workshop is available on the web. Clicking on any of the talk will give you a link to read a longer PDF document that describes the work. Two of the talks (“Flambda 2 Types: An abstract domain for static analysis of functional programs” and “Wasocaml: a compiler from OCaml to WebAssembly”) will in fact be presented as part of the ML workshops, as we thought they would be of interest to other implementors of ML-family programming languages.


A gentle reminder: this is starting in ~4 hours, with an opening talk on the Eio library.

The full programme, in the Seattle timezone (GMT-7):


This is just starting!

Youtube link:

Discord link (to chat with other remote attendees, and ask questions): ICFP 2023 , then go to the #ocaml channel obviously


I was hoping to watch a few of the talks but the referenced youtube video is marked as private. Is there a way to gain access or will the videos be posted under at a later date?

The YouTube recordings will be posted here when the best-effort/volunteer editing process has completed. Yep, that will be a later date.


The ML workshop can be watched here: (someone has posted timestamps for the various talks in the comments of the video).