OCaml Workshop 2020 Online Conference is live now

Edit: OCaml 2020 is currently live and freely available online.

Edit 2: The non-youtube link for the Chinese audience.

ICFP 2020 is officially online, the OCaml workshop is on Friday but there are a few interesting presentations that you can watch before that. You don’t need a registration to be able to view the presentations. If you registered, you can use the clowdr platform to ask questions.

During the OCaml 2020 Workshop, we plan to enable other means of communication so that everyone could participate in the Workshop, even without the registration. We will keep you posted. Both video presentations and talk abstracts will be available on Friday. We hope to set up the live broadcasting of the Q&A sessions as well, in the way how it is set up for the main ICFP event.


Here is the link to the program, which also references the YouTube and Bilibili live streams. Some highlights, the paper Kindly bent to free us by @Drup will be live in a half an hour, and @avsm Retrofitting parallelism onto OCaml is only half and an hour away!


Is there some way to see talks that have passed?

Sure, the link to the first session is still working, despite that the session itself is no longer live. You can rewind to any place. Here is also the link to the second session and the third session is only 17 hours away :slight_smile:

I believe, that later they will split those sessions and provide a video per each paper, though I am not absolutely sure. What I am sure is that this is how it will be done for the OCaml workshop.

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Sorry, I’m a little bit confused - is the talk on retrofitting parallelism onto OCaml separate from the Affe one? When is it happening?

Yes, they are two different talks, sorry, I messed up with the links, now they stand corrected :slight_smile:

Both talks were already presented, but will be repeated on Tuesday morning (well, in Europe morning). Authors will be present on clowdr for questioning, well at least @Drup has promised to be there. It is roughly seven hours from the time of posting.

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It’s weird, it’s as if this particular topic is getting hidden :slight_smile:

It is covered at this time stamp: https://youtu.be/ASX79I0jm6M?t=6198

But, weirdly, unlike all the other segments in the session, it’s not tagged properly.


Finally, the OCaml 2020 Workshop is live, please join us in the zoom meeting via clowdr or feel free to ask questions here. We will try to forward it to the presenters and record their answers, which are later will be posted as Q&A.

Please, adhere to the schedule, no rogue watching :slight_smile:

The first talk is the State of the OCaml Platform 2020, by @avsm:


The first talk is complete, don’t hesitate to ask questions here as the talk will be repeated in the Recitation session later today.

We are now on the second talk, “OCaml-CI : A Zero-Configuration CI” by @talex5. Join us in watching it!


And here comes the third talk of the first session, “The final pieces of the OCaml documentation puzzle.”

Do not forget that we have handcrafted high-quality subtitles available for each talk, thanks to our volunteers from the Organizing Committee. And, even a translation to French of some of our talks, thanks to Enzo Crance.


And now we transition to the fourth talk in the first session, which is “API migration: compare transformed”, a talk about automated program analysis and transformation for OCaml programs.

And yes, we’re way behind the schedule :slight_smile:


And finally the last talk of the first session: Parallelising your OCaml Code with Multicore OCaml, got yourself prepared for OCaml 5.0!

As always, questions are welcome!


And now we start the second session of the workshop that is devoted to OCaml Applications. The first talk, “A Simple State-Machine Framework for Property-Based Testing in OCaml”


And the next talk in the session is presented by Tom Ridge (@thomas_ridge), “The ImpFS filesystem.”


We also have the BiliBili mirror of all the talks!

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The next talk in our Workshop is Irmin v2!


OK, its time for some math, get ready for the next talk by Markus Mottl (@mmottl) “AD-OCaml: Algorithmic Differentiation for OCaml”. The talk has French subtitles, thanks to the hard work by Enzo Crance.


Our third session is dedicated to OCaml experience. The first talk is about the smart contract language1 SmartPy which uses OCaml underneath the hood. It will be presented by Sebastien Mondet (@smondet) and the talk title is “OCaml Under The Hood: SmartPy”.

Please enjoy!

1)a library in fact :slight_smile: