OCaml Workshop 2023 -- Saturday September 9th (Seattle timezone), online attendance is free

The OCaml Workshop is happening every year, co-located with the ICFP conference (the main academic conference on functional programming). This year the meeting will happen in Seattle on Saturday September 9th. It should be hybrid: it will be possible to attend and even give talks remotely.

To get a sense of the OCaml Workshop style, topics and content, ocaml.org has a page about previous editions, with the list of talks and links to the descriptions and talk recordings when available: OCaml Workshops.

The deadline for submitting a talk proposal is June 1st, coming soon. Please consider submitting a proposal to present your OCaml work at the workshop!

A major change compared to previous editions of the workshop is that online attendance should be free. (The cost is decided by the ICFP organizers, and it is still possible that this would change before the workshop.) Everyone is of course welcome to attend remotely, anywhere on earth. We are very excited that this could be the most accessible OCaml workshop, reaching the broadest possible audience.


I really hope free online attendance remains to be the case! I deeply appreciate such decision.
I feel like I’ve been missing out on some goodies just by the nature of my location… only catching what pops up on SIGPLAN’s YT channel eventually.

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I feel this might exclude some potential viewers…

Jokes aside, free remote attending sounds really nice.

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I agree. I will try to do some advertisement here and elsewhere closer to the meeting time to encourage people to participate online.

I don’t want to oversell, though: one limitation will be the timezone. This is still a hybrid meeting, the time interval in the day will be decided according to the Seattle event, and some parts of it will probably be inconvenient to attend from your location. (I am bracing for difficulties in finding talk slots for people who want to talk remotely.)


A temporary list of accepted presentations is available:

We are in discussion with the ML workshop to move some of these talks to the ML workshops, so the program may change slightly in the following weeks.


What happened to the recording of the workshop? I couldn’t find it on youtube.


I can see the appeal of this, but I’m not sure it’s an ideal arrangement. Somebody has to pay for the staff and equipment that make remote attendance possible, and at the moment all of the cost is borne by those who attend in person (apparently significantly increasing registration fees), while most of the benefit goes to those who attend remotely.

I don’t see any indication that this cost is significantly increasing registration fees – to know that I think that we would have to look at the budget from the conference organizers. On the contrary, I think that the cost is relatively low compared to most other costs involved in the conference organization. (At Ljubljana the ballpark figure I vaguely remember from asking the chair is that this was of the order of $20 per in-person participant.)

These are online now:

Would anyone like to volunteer to mirror these onto watch.ocaml.org again?