OCaml 2023 at ICFP?


I see that OCaml 2023 workshop is listed as a hybrid event, which is great: OCaml 2023 - OCaml Users and Developers Workshop 2022 (copy) - ICFP 2023. Although I’m fairly sure I checked about a month ago and it wasn’t there.

However I was not able to find a CfP on this forum, and the CfP here says “2022 (copy)”, and that the submission URL is ‘TODO coming soon’ (which probably explains why it hasn’t been posted yet).

The page says that the deadline is June 1st, but this list doesn’t contain the OCaml deadline: Important Dates - ICFP 2023, and there is nothing in the LWN CfP deadline calendar either.

I’d appreciate it if someone could clarify the deadline though, and whether giving talks remotely is an option (or whether that is a copy+paste from last year), even if the submission form is not yet ready.


Will the list of accepted presentations be available soon (e.g. before the early registration deadline)?


I can try to make a prospective list available today. (We are still in discussion with authors to move certain talks to the ML workshop.)

If you are planning to attend on-site, you should definitely register for the workshop with your eyes closed. If you are planning to attend remotely, we were told by the ICFP organizers that it would be possible to attend for free, see the announce of the workshop:

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