ANN: Releases of ringo

On behalf of Nomadic Labs, I am please to announce the first few releases of Ringo: a library for caches. Ringo offers two kinds of caches: Maps for caches of key-value pairs and Sets for caches of simple elements. In addition, each kind of cache can be tweaked to handle their bounds differently.

Ringo versions 0.1, 0.2 and 0.3 are available on opam. As the version number and the bundled announce suggests, this library is still in early phases of release: additional replacement policies will be added, the interface will probably change somewhat, etc. Suggestions welcome!

Even though the interface is still in early phases of release, the implementation is covered by a lot of tests and is already in use in the Tezos project.

The code is available at


Version 0.4 of ringo is now available in opam. This version includes bug-fixes, minor (sometimes breaking) interface and semantics improvements, and, most importantly, a ringo-lwt package.

ringo-lwt provides wrapper for using caches in an Lwt-heavy application. Specifically, it provides a functor that transform a Ringo cache into a Ringo-lwt cache featuring:

  • val find_or_replace : 'a t -> key -> (key -> 'a Lwt.t) -> 'a Lwt.t which helps avoid race conditions,
  • automatic cleanup by which promises that are rejected are removed from the table automatically.

Additional functors for option (with automatic cleanup of None) and result (with automatic cleanup of Error) are also provided.

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