[ANN] lwt-canceler.0.3

On behalf of Nomadic Labs, I’m happy to announce the release of Lwt-canceler version 0.3. Lwt-canceler is a small library to help programs written using Lwt to synchronise promises around resource clean-up. This library was developed as part of the Tezos codebase before being released.

With this version, the code has matured significantly (including tests, documentation and some refactoring); the next release will probably be a version 1.0 at which point a more robust versioning scheme will be used.

The documentation is available online: Lwt_canceler (lwt-canceler.Lwt_canceler)
The code is released under MIT License and hosted on Gitlab: Nomadic Labs / lwt-canceler · GitLab
The new version is available on opam: opam install lwt-canceler

Happy hacking!