[ANN] First release of lwt-pipeline

On behalf of Nomadic Labs, I’m pleased to announce the first release of lwt-pipeline. Lwt-pipeline started as an internal library for the Tezos project to order-preservingly process lists of items with some Lwt.t and Pervasives.result thrown in.

The library is available through opam: opam install lwt-pipeline.
The project is hosted at https://gitlab.com/nomadic-labs/lwt_pipeline.
The code is available under MIT license.

We’ll release further versions of this library as well as other internal libraries and tools. Consider this release a small first step and watch out for other, bigger releases.


A second release of lwt-pipeline (v0.2) is available through opam. This new release makes no change to the code and only affects the following:

  • looser constraints on versions of dune dependency,
  • tests,
  • tests are executed in CI,
  • minor documentation improvements.