[ANN] Lwt 5.4.0, Lwt_ppx 2.0.2, Lwt_react 1.1.4 releases

We are glad to announce the release of version 5.4.0 of Lwt, version 2.0.2 of Lwt_ppx, and version 1.1.4 of Lwt_react.

It can be installed from opam as usual:

opam update
opam upgrade lwt lwt_ppx lwt_react

OCaml 4.12 compatibility

With this release, Lwt is now compatible with OCaml 4.12. Thanks @kit-ty-kate for the contribution towards this support.

Thanks as well to all the other contributors for all the other improvements that made it into this release. Check-out the release’s changelog (link above) for a full list of bugfixes and additions.

Maintainers’ notes

As per a previous announce I am a co-maintainer of Lwt. With this release I’m taking on a more and more central role in the maintenance effort. Whilst I’ve received a lot of help getting this release together, I’m most likely the one responsible for any issues in the process.

I’d like to thank @antron who is as stellar with maintenance of the project as he is with guiding me through the learning process. I’d also like to thank the opam-repository team who stepped up very quickly to fix some CI-related build-issues. And I’d like to thank my employer, Nomadic Labs, who agreed to make Lwt maintenance part of my day job.

I’m looking forward to all your bug reports, pull requests, comments, ideas, questions, remarks, as well as any sort of feedback. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Welcome @raphael-proust to the Lwt team, and @antron for such stellar maintenance for such a central project to the ecosystem! :slight_smile: