A way to continue opam install after source-edit? (Or: Tsdl install is failing for me.)

While doing an opam install if there is a failure, is there a way to continue? The install process, sensibly, seems to start with fresh sources – that is, when I edit a file and try to opam install the same package, the file is back to it’s original state. I could pin my own local version of tsdl, but is there a simpler way to deal with a fix like this?

The actual problem I have is that tsdl is failing to install on a fresh 4.09 switch.

The only piece of the error output I get is:

support/consts_stub.c:36:41: note: in definition of macro ‘int_v’
#define int_v(e) int_v(fd, "" # e, (int)e)

I’m guessing the C compile flags are such that the un-parenthesized e is a warning-as-error. This is what I tried to edit.

I’m guessing that since it hasn’t come up as an issue this might be some difference in local configuration I have, but don’t know what that might be.

this error is due to the fact that you don’t have the latest SDL.
(this is the case for ubuntu)
Try forcing an earlier version of tsdl:
opam install tsdl.0.9.6

Ah, thanks for that. I’ll compile a more recent SDL. Although using your suggestion of an earlier tsdl is probably a better first-step just to have a known-good state.