Errors using OPAM for installations


I have been learning OCAML and want to get the utop top level. I have OPAM installed and fully up to date, but when I go to install utop, I get a bunch of errors and failures. I’ll attach the picture, though I’m not sure how much help it’ll be.ocamlerror

How did you install opam? There is a bug where an opam1 installation that has been compiled with OCaml 4.05.0 fails to work. This is due to a change of behaviour in the execvpe call in 4.05.0.

A workaround is to run

eval `opam config env`

before running opam install, or better yet, compile the opam binary with either 4.04.2 or 4.06.0. If you installed opam via a package manager, it would be helpful to know which one it was so that we can fix the metadata upstream.

I used homebrew to install opam.