We send 100 emails a day

“We send 100 emails a day”

The mailing list mode of Discourse was presented as a passable replacement for the old true mailing list. And in fact, in didn’t take me that long to develop techniques for dealing with it efficiently, so I almost stopped missing the real mailing list. But now I started getting the warning above, meaning that posts are dropped from my feed, and indeed I see gaps in threads. I’m afraid with this “feature” the claim of adequate replacement rings quite hollow.

Can the limit be increased? Or failing that, can we please start tagging a little bit more consistenly? I have muted all the appropriate tags like a good citizen, only to find that very few posters actually set them :frowning:


Could you point out where you get the warning from? I have the mailing list mode enabled with one email per post and I can’t see something similar. Curious to know if I have silenced part of the forum for myself by accident.

It’s in the emails themselves - sporadically. It’s easy to miss. I’ll try to show you when I get it next.

Here, from yesterday’s email referencing post #50879 in topic #11673:

Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

Didn’t know you could re-export the type, huge.

OMG, that’s a live saver. Thanks!

Heads up: We send a maximum of 100 daily emails. Check the site to see the ones that might be held back. PS thanks for being popular!

Visit Topic or reply to this email to respond.

You are receiving this because you enabled mailing list mode.

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Thanks for pointing this: I did not realize…

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I get the same. The strange thing is that the “Heads up” message is unpredictable. Sometimes you get it, mostly you don’t. Presumably the intention is to encourage you to log into the discuss server via the web rather than use the email option: for what reason I have no idea (except that the web access does track you - for example it records the length of time that you are logged in - but that seems fairly pointless information to extract).

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Putting on my paranoid hat, I’d say the reason is simply to put the mailing list feature on a path toward “final solution”. (Apologies for the Godwin analogy) I am pretty sure though of 3 things in my particular case:

  • the blurb started appearing pretty recently, even though it is subtle I’d have noticed it within some days
  • traffic did indeed increase markedly this year
  • I did “lose” some posts in the sense of not getting the corresponding emails
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It doesn’t look new Daily limits for outgoing mails per user - feature - Discourse Meta

It would be nice then if whoever runs the discuss server could increase the daily limit. Does anyone know who to contact for this purpose?

maybe @avsm can do something about this

I’ve increased the site-wide limit to 250. It’s not good practise to leave it unlimited in case of some unexpected spam that slips through our moderation.

Tagging more consistently would also be very welcome! If anyone does want to moderate and apply tags, then I can also arrange for you to have moderator-level access to do that. Thinking through the existing conventions and suggesting improvements would be welcome. We’ve not really done that since late 2017.