How to dismiss efficiently

I’m afraid this comes close to re-litigating the discourse vs. mailing list fight, but: Given that I have no time to read everything, how can I read this site (or, indeed, any discourse based site) without mental stress and RSI in my hands? I think the core problem is, for me it is much easier to see (just from the metadata) that I don’t want to read a thread, than the opposite. With a busy mailing list, I would go through new posts in mutt really fast just by hitting “n” and mark the undesirable ones with “d” on the way, then I expunged them, and I was left with the cream, the few threads I wanted to read. I don’t see a way to do this, or anything similarly efficient, with discourse. Basically it seems discourse more or less requires me to open a thread to get it out of the “new” list.

Can you help me?

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I just use discourse with “mailing list mode” enabled, and do basically
what you say in mutt (“t” to tag, “;d” to delete at the end; what
remains I read).

Everything works as expected, I can reply via email too. Highly