It is now possible to create new topics by email

Thanks to inquiries by @SebHash, we just learned from Discourse people (Kris Aubuchon) about available options to facilitate creating topics by email, not just following and answering on existing topics. ( Configure incoming email to create new topics or group messages - admins - Discourse Meta )

Posting new topics by email is now enabled. It goes through the following, per-category email aliases:

Happy posting


Excellent idea to make the site more accessible; that feature didn’t exist when we first set it up. I’d prefer to hide the details of hosting if possible (to retain the option to self-host), so I’ve created forwarding addresses for these:

If you’re agreeable to these addresses, we can advertise them on the main website and the introduction posts on this forum as well.


Fine with me! (Feel free to play with the options further if you wish, change the email addresses, etc.)

I take this great opportunity to say you can also send your email via OCaml if you want with letters which was built up on top of several libraries like mrmime to parse and/or encode emails :+1: or also ocaml-tls (for STARTTLS) and colombe (for SMTP).