VSCode + OCaml recently


Hello everyone,

I’m using VSCode to develop in OCaml and I have to say it is rather pleasant. However, recently it does not seem to be able to evolve much. Does anyone know what is the best extension to work with ?

There are 3 :

  • vscode-ocaml, which is deprecated
  • OCaml and Reason IDE, which is nice but has some bugs and things that could be improved.
  • reason-vscode, that is entierly developed in Reason, but does not seem compatible with the OCaml workflow

I’m currently using the second one, but there are some small bugs that I’d like corrected and some features that I’d like added. However, it seems that the project is not maintained anymore. I made a pull request 3 months ago that is still open and that has no answer, and the last commit was 2 month ago, and only added a small line to the readme advising to try Jaredly’s extension (the third one) “if you are on our default [reason] workflow”.

Does anyone have any advice ? :slight_smile: