Auto-completion when using ocaml extension in vscode

auto-completion doesn’t work for me when this extension is enabled
any advice?

Which extension? What is your setup? What have you installed? Did you compile your code?

I have “ocaml” extension for vscode.
actually now from a quick look on the internet I can see that it doesn’t provide context sensitive autocompletion, and for that I need to install merlin.

I installed merlin but I don’t know what I should do now for it to work.

The recommended OCaml extension for vscode is called “OCaml Platform”. It’s available for installation in vscode extension manager.

The extension needs also “ocaml-lsp” installed. This can be done by

opam pin add ocaml-lsp-server

if you’re using opam.


Thanks a lot, that solved my problem :heart:

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