[ANN] [preview] Visual Studio Code plugin for OCaml

Dear OCaml hackers,

I’m proud to announce a preview release of an VSC extension for OCaml. You can fetch and install this plugin directly from the extension marketplace if you search for “OCaml Labs”. The extension isn’t yet mature, but I believe that it offers a user experience comparable to other VSC extensions for OCaml already. The plugin should be used in conjunction with ocaml-lsp

The extension is for the OCaml “platform”, which means that its scope includes support for various tools used in OCaml development such as dune, opam.

Bug reports & contributions are welcome. Happy hacking.


Just wanted to mention that it’s a little odd that there’s a second “OCaml Platform” package for vs-code, from different sources:



Which one is the right one? The “RustyKey” one seems less likely to be right, but it’s a bit confusing.


“RustyKey” is the wrong plugin. I will contact the author of this plugin to address the confusion.

Thanks for pointing this out.

I have been using this plugin for the last hour. No issues so far.

It is a bomb :bomb:. Very nice. Thank you. :100:

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Nice! How does it compare with Darren Morrison’s “Ocaml and Reason IDE” plugin (augmented with the “Ocaml mll and mly” plugin to avoid scrambling Ocamllex and Menhir files), feature-wise?


So cool, just tried it on my Win 10 machine:

  1. open cygwin shell
  2. opam pin & install ocaml-lsp-server
  3. start vscode in cygwin shell, e.g., code .
  4. install extension in vscode

You made my day! :smiley: