[ANN] VSCode Platform Plugin 0.5.0

This release contains a couple of major improvements:

  • Syntax highlighting is vastly improved. There’s now highlighting for many more filetypes, and the core highlighting for OCaml is far more accurate.

  • There’s integration with package managers such as opam and esy. One may now explicitly use them to explicitly select the sandbox that contains the lsp server and related tools.

Under the hood, the entire plugin was rewritten from typescript to OCaml (bucklescript). This should hopefully make contribution more accessible to OCaml hackers.

I’d like to thank @rustykey, @mnxn, @prometheansacrifice, and @smorimoto for their contributions to this release. Their help is the reason for this vastly improved version of the plugin.

As usual, the plugin is available directly using vscode’s extension market place. I’ll leave a link to the plugin here to avoid confusion with the many other OCaml plugins available.

Please report any issues on the bug tracker