[ANN] VSCode OCaml Platform v1.5.0


We are happy to announce the v1.5.0 release of VSCode OCaml Platform, a Visual Studio Code extension for OCaml. It is available on the VSCode Marketplace and Open VSX Registry.

This release has the following changes:

  • Highlight rec keyword in OCaml mli files for recursive modules (#434)
  • Highlight cram stanza in dune-project files (#441)
  • Fix reason highlighting of let extensions (#447)
  • Improve highlighting of Menhir new syntax (#450)
  • Improve Menhir syntax highlighting (#455)
  • Add Alt + P keyboard shortcut for infer interface code action (#448)
  • Infer interface when switching to a non-existing interface file (#437)

This is the first release to be automatically published to Open VSX, which will benefit users of VSCodium and other editors.

Please feel free to share feedback.

- Max