VSCode: "OCaml Platform" plugin does not jump to line for errors

I am using “OCaml Platform” for OCaml editing. It all works fine, except that when there is an error message and I CMD+Click on it, it opens the file but goes to line #1 of the file, rather than the error position. Does this work for others? I have plugin version v.1.11.0 and OCaml 4.13.1.

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I guess it is this issue : problem matcher doesn't work with contextual errors · Issue #227 · ocamllabs/vscode-ocaml-platform · GitHub

I can’t get this to work. The error regexp given in the plugin seems to be OK, but VSCode simply does not detect the error strings. I am using this tasks.json file:

	"version": "2.0.0",
	"tasks": [
			"type": "dune",
			"problemMatcher": "$ocamlc",
			"options": {
				"cwd": "${workspaceRoot}"
			"group": {
				"kind": "build",
				"isDefault": true
            "presentation": {
                "clear": true
        	"label": "dune: myproject"

OK, I found it. Apparently VSCode has two parsers, one it uses for Cmd+Click in terminal/output Windows. What it does there doesn’t seem to be connected to the problem matcher of the plugin. It happens to be able to detect error messages locations of some tools, but not of ocamlc.

The problem matcher errors go into a separate problems panel (which I didn’t use before because the CMD+Click in terminal did work for me up to now).