Using VSCode? This issue needs 20 upvotes to get worked on

^ looks like they will move this issue to the backlog if it receives 20 upvotes. Advertising here so that we get better support for OCaml in VSCode :slight_smile:


All this needs is 20 upvotes? I didn’t even realize I could ask for this feature, despite enjoying it everywhere else.

I also did not know it was a vscode thing. I thought it’s something the extension itself can handle.


Any examples of error locations that the terminal doesn’t match? For example, if I break my code and compile I already get the underline

File "webmachine/", line 19, characters 34-35:

as a link, which isn’t ideal as it doesn’t match the entire location, but it jumps to the right file and line.

(How come I had to resort to BBCode to underline that instead of Discourse supporting an underline tag. It was that or abusing <ins>.)

Edit: Actually, I just realised that the links work when I run dune build but not when I run dune build --watch, how odd.

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On the reddit discussion for this topic, someone pointed out the place in the vsccode codebase that needs to be changed (it is unfortunately not a place that plugins can change themselves), and I think it would be rather easy for a vscode user from the OCaml community to contribute a new regexp pattern there, probably easier than gathering votes and waiting for vscode maintainers to step in.

(This is not a criticism of the current topic, raising awareness of this issue is a good idea. I’m adding a “call for volunteers” in addition to the “call for upvotes”.)