Unbinding ctrl-f as site-wide search

When I’m browsing through a long thread and want to find mentions of something, I want to use the browser’s native ctrl-f, but the site hijacks this shortcut and triggers the search box in the magnifying glass at the top, which performs a site-wide search. This is very rarely what I want to do when I type ctrl-f in practice, and continues to surprise me each time it happens. It might make more sense when on the homepage and you’re likely searching for a topic than when you’re on a thread page and likely searching through replies.

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Rather curiously, when I type ctrl-f on this question I do get the normal search, but when I try it on Are any OCaml GUI bindings under active development? I get the site-wide search.

Yes it’s bad. C-f should never hijack the user’s browser in page search.

I think the behaviour is this: since the forum system has no pages but “infinite” scrolling for long discussions, it hijacks your browser search iff not all the content of the discussion is on the page.


Note that if you press ctrl-f twice in a row, it will get you to the browser native search. It seems to be a common pattern on all the sites who are rebinding ctrl-f.


I wish it would be the converse but that’s very good to know. Thanks @Khady.