Add `z3` as a allowable search term

Your search term is too short.

Is it possible to add some exceptions e.g. z3?

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Where did you get that exactly? The category for this post is Site Feedback so I’m assuming it’s something around but I can’t find any search field that would give this output.

It appears if you use the search. And it seems to be configurable.

cc @avsm the main discuss admin

As a workaround, you can search for "z3" or +z3.

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I mean Search results for '' - OCaml.
I usually use the magnifier button around the top-right corner of the page to start a search.

@ivg’s workaround is good to me. I never knew that before…

This is what I was thinking of.
Honestly, I don’t know much about other useful length-2 words.

I am satisfied with the workaround “z3”.