[ANN] OCaml User Survey 2023

Hi everyone,

we are delighted to announce the OCaml User Survey, 2023 edition. With this survey, the OCSF is trying to get a better picture of the OCaml community and its needs. It would be very helpful if you could take a few minutes (10 to 15) to fill the survey and share it with other OCaml programmers.


The survey is run by the OCaml Software Foundation . It builds on previous iterations. The results will be published here on discuss and on the website of the OCSF . The OCSF would like to thank all the people that have helped in devising this or previous versions of the survey. Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback (you can post here or send me a message/email).

The survey will remain opened until December 8th 2023 (AOE). Please take the survey and don’t hesitate to share the link!

Some remarks regarding this year’s survey:

  • Most of the questions are similar to the ones in the previous survey, some have been fixed, some have been updated (e.g. to list more recent versions of the OCaml compiler)
  • A new section at the end on Demographics, Diversity and Inclusion. The related questions are more personal but again completely optional and would greatly help us get a better picture of our community and areas were the OCSF can help improve things
  • Again, we resorted to using Google Forms. I spent quite some time trying to find a viable alternative, but none were satisfactory (either from a technical, accessibility or bureaucratic point of view). I understand that this can be a disappointment for some. If you are interested in running the survey next year on behalf of the OCSF, get in touch!

EDIT: It seems that Google’s URL shortener is down (at least where I’m testing) so here is the non
shortened URL

Full Link to the survey


thank you, much appreciated!

I had already pointed this out in the 2020 survey but I feel like the question of students and teaching is almost completely absent from the survey. Which is strange considering the pedigree of OCaml, its (apparently withering) importance in French undergraduate studies, and considering that students are probably the largest population discovering OCaml each year (to me, students constitute one of the most important scales to assess whether the OCaml Platform experience is up to the task).


Hello. Thanks for running the survey! For the 2022 survey, it was very interesting and useful to see the results. Are the results of the 2023 survey already published somewhere?

not yet. It’s on my todo list but unfortunately my $DAYJOB takes priority right now. That being said, if anyone is interested in helping formatting the raw results and with the preliminary report don’t hesitate to get in touch (it will be then vetted by the OCSF executive committee before being published).