Tarides is hiring!

Following the recent announcement about Tarides (joining forces with OCaml Labs and Segfault System), we are now looking to expand our team with experienced software engineers, compassionate team leads and experts in software consulting services. Our ambition is to bring OCaml to a vast set of new developers and industries. We want to make developers more productive by spending less time on fixing bugs and more on writing new features. And we want the software industry to build more robust and performant systems that can last for decades.

We are looking for:

  • Experienced Software Engineer(s) to take part in the development of Irmin. You will be part of the team that designs, builds and ships Irmin libraries and applications to our community and customers.
  • Team Lead(s) who cares about motivating their team members, supporting their growth and development and successfully delivering the team’s objectives on time.
  • A Head of Consulting Services to diversify our technical teams and commercial services portfolio. You’ll be the first hire for this brand new department and will have the opportunity to help us build our services structure from scratch, including our strategy, processes, tools, and team.

We are always looking for great OCaml enthusiasts to join our team, so even if these job descriptions do not fit your profile precisely, you are welcome to send us a spontaneous application!