Tarides GitHub Sponsorship Page – Supporting the OCaml Community Together

Hello :wave:

I am happy to share that Tarides now has a GitHub Sponsorship page, live here https://github.com/sponsors/tarides! :tada: As a part of the vibrant OCaml community, Tarides is dedicated to supporting both the projects and the individuals who make this ecosystem thrive.

Why GitHub Sponsorship?

The OCaml community is filled with many talented individual contributors and collectives who deserve your support, such as Daniel, Antonio, Leandro, Robur and many others. We encourage you to sponsor them directly to support their work.

But now, you can also sponsor Tarides! Creating a GitHub Sponsorship page is an important step for us, aimed at sustaining projects that currently lack direct, stable revenue sources. While we are thankful for long-term sponsors such as Jane Street and Tezos, we want to diversify our open-source funding stream to ensure the long-term stability and sustainability of core infrastructure projects we are working on for the community.

What Can You Expect?

On our sponsorship page, you’ll find detailed information about our ongoing projects, including:

  • OCaml Compiler: Maintaining ease of use, correctness, and performance of the compiler(s).
  • OCaml Platform: Ensuring core tools evolve and are compatible with new OCaml releases.
  • OCaml.org: Maintaining the central knowledge base for the OCaml community.
  • Advanced Projects: Such as MirageOS, Irmin and Eio.

Your support will directly contribute to the sustainability of these projects and allow us to continue our work and maintain these libraries and tools.

How You Can Help

We invite you to visit our GitHub Sponsorship page to learn more about our projects and how you can get involved. We welcome any suggestions or comments on how we can improve and better serve the community.

Commercial Support

While this annoucement is about the ongoing maintenance of our core open-source projects, we are also available to organize training, develop custom extensions, or provide long-term commercial support for these projects. Get in touch for more details.

Thank for your support,
Thomas, on behalf of the Tarides Team


You have my support. :innocent:


Have you considered adding a smaller sponsorships tiers? Even if no benefits included, having some nice tiers often helps, rather than a need to specify your own amount.

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@dangdennis: Many thanks!!

@XVilka: Thanks for the feedback! I have added a smaller sponsorship tiers.


:sparkling_heart: Thank you Tarides to maintain wonderful tools and continue to bring the community together. You have my support !